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Published Articles

The following are a series of introductory articles to get your web site on the right track.


 National Mortgage Broker Magazine:

 Issue Date  Article
December 2005 The Supreme Court, Google Software, Viagra and Mortgages?
November 2005 Should You Yahoo!?
October 2005 Are You Banned In Google And Yahoo!? You May Not Know It
September 20005 Increase Your Revenue with Secret Military Intelligence
August 2005 The Future of Small Mortgage Companies
July 2005 Internet Marketing Techniques: The Highway to Disaster
June 2005 The Secret Lives of Internet Marketers
May 2005 Mortgage Haiku
April 2005 Your Mortgage Emails May Not Be Reaching Your Customers!
March 2005 Can Linking Increasing The Number of Visitors to Your Site?
February 2005 Been Phishing Lately?
December 2004 Spyware, Search Engines, and Meta Tags
November 2004 Has Your Web Site Done Anything Foolish Lately?
October 2004 How to Make Your Mortgage Web Site More Successful
September 2004 Converting PPC Visitors Into Customers
August 2004 How To Control Your Rising Pay Per Click Expenses
July 2004 Generating Customers: Pay Per Click or Pay Per Lead?
June 2004 Is Your Web Site Lying To Your Visitors?
April 2004 Pay Per Click Campaign Strategy
March 2004 How to Prevent the Coming Mortgage Drought
February 2004 Can Words Cure Your Web Site?
January 2004 25 Ways to Lose Business from Your Web Site
November 2003 A Guide to Internet Mortgage Leads
October 2003 Neanderthal Marketing Techniques?
September 2003 Do Not Call equals Do Not Close Loans
May 2003 Duct Tape Is Good Enough & Other Internet Myths
April 2003 Internet Marketing is Like Marketing Sex
February 2003 Does Your Web Site Require a Premortem?
January2003  Mortgage Design: Brother-In-Law or Professional?
December 2002 Fast & Easy Competitive Intelligence
November 2002 Is your Domain Name Costing You Money?
October 2002 Can Your Customers Drive the Speed Limit
September 2002 Testimonials Equals More Profits 
August 2002 Make them Want to Click! 
June 2002 Controlling the Mouse Button
May 2002 Spam, Hamburger or Filet Mignon
April 2002 Search Engine Myths
March 2002 Designed for Show or Designed for Dough 
January 2002 Is Your 'Killer App' Killing Your Business?
December 2001 Compelling Customers to take action 
November 2001 Kiss Your Customers
October 2001 Designed for Show or Designed for Dough?
September 2001 Compelling Customers To Take Action
August 2001 What Customers Really Want
July 2001 Old Lessons For The New Economy
June 2001 Can Your Web Site Pass This Marketing Test?
May 2001 Is Your 'Killer App' Killing Your Business?
April 2001 The Internet Cake Recipe for Success
March 2001 Why Your Customers Can't Find You Online
February 2001 Tune Up Your Mortgage Web Site
January 2001 How To Really Monitor The Effectiveness Of Your Site
December 2000 Everything I Needed to Know About Web Sites I Learned by Listening to the Radio
November 2000 Everything I Needed To Know About Web Sites I Learned At The Movies
October 2000 Survivor's Lessons For Your Mortgage Web Site
September 2000 Building Trust With Your Website
August 2000 Mortgage Web Site Myths
July 2000 How to LOSE Business on the Net
June 2000 Tracking Your Internet Customers
May 2000 How NOT To Internet Your Mortgage Web Site
April 2000 Mortgage Web Designers Are From Pluto, Mortgage Customers Are From Earth.
March 2000 Design For Show... Content For Dough
February 2000 Navigating the High C's
January 2000 Paving the Road Less Traveled
December 1999 The Internet is My Friend-and Other Half-Truths 
November 1999 The Marketing Power of Domain Names
September 1999 How much for that Web Site in the Window?
August 1999 Competing Against 51 Million Web Pages
July 1999 Banner Advertising vs. Search Engines 
June 1999 Does Your Web Site Need A Shot Of Viagra? 




Origination News
 Issue Date  Article
September 1999 Marketing Firm Helps Lenders Get Leads From The Internet





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