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Internet Consulting

How To has been providing corporate companies with high ranking web sites and strategic Internet marketing plans. Our company has continued to grow to become one of the leading Internet marketing providers. We have an existing client base with:

internet marketing Some web sites approaching a million+ page views a year
internet marketing Clients who net $100,000+ PER DAY from the high rankings we achieved
internet marketing And numerous clients with multiple top 30 search engine rankings


Our clients experience two main marketing/promotion problems on the Internet. First problem: your company needs to be found by new customers for any Internet business to occur. Your company can offer the best products & services, but in order to have a successful site, your prospective customers have to be able to locate your site. It is the exactly the same marketing problem in the "real world" ... your company needs exposure to succeed.

The second major problem is that most web sites are not properly designed with the customer in mind. The old marketing mantra still stands, "what's in it for me". Most web sites are designed by web designer companies with little or no marketing experience.

These are some of the typical web site problems we see: heavy use of graphics, long download times, no compelling written content (customers asks, "what's in it for me"). Remember, you have 5-10 seconds to capture your prospective customers attention...before they "click off" somewhere else.

Overall, your web site needs to rank higher in the search engines than your competition AND your site needs compelling written content (with fast download speeds) entice the customer to buy your product or service.


How To provides solutions to solve these Internet marketing problems. First of all, we create a web site that is highly ranked so prospective customers can actually find your web site via the major search engines.

Second, we provide "content consulting" along with a comprehensive review of your current web site verifying over 150+ specific items like: browser viewing capability (proper viewing in older versions of Netscape, AOL, and Internet Explorer), optimization of existing graphics for faster download times, navigation management for better customer usability, etc.

With these powerful Internet marketing services, we partner with corporate clients to help generate and sustain new business through the Internet. You will find our search engine marketing services will become "your most cost effective sales person".


Current research reveals that your Internet customers first go to the major search engines to research information. And 90% of these users do not go past the first 30 search engine results. In other words, if you are not highly ranked...your customers will NOT be able to find your web site.

Many of our clients are now generating thousands of dollars in new business from our search engine services. Your business will greatly increase when you have a top 30 listing when a customer types in your specific key word phrases in the major search engines like: Excite, AOL, Alta Vista, Hot Bot, Lycos, Webcrawler, Yahoo, etc.

Most of our corporate customers are familiar with banner advertising, so the pricing structure for search engine promotion is somewhat different. Our search engine pricing is based on the specific key word phrases your company wants to be found in the search engines and the difficulty to get these key words highly ranked (i.e. it is much more difficult to get a phrase like "mortgages" ranked than something like "texas mortgage loans".


Our search engine promotion services needs to be compared with your current advertising methods (i.e. banner ads, direct mail, telemarketing, newspaper/magazine/radio/T.V., etc). Your company also needs to factor in Internet marketing into your overall budget just like other forms of advertising promotion.

The real benefit of using the Internet search engines is that potential customers are actually looking for your products or services. This is very powerful marketing because customers are already "pre-sold" before they contact your company.

You will receive highly targeted customers (an audience of 80+ million US Internet users and growing) that want your products and services (right now and everyday) and this type of marketing is 24 hours/day, 7 days a week, 365 day a year. It is like having a full page color yellow page ad, in every phone book throughout the world, AND being ranked near the beginning of the list. This is extremely powerful and targeting marketing.


Depending on the degree of difficulty & competition of your key words requested, our corporate How To clients usually budget from $4,500 to $55,000 per month for our search engine services. Why the difference in monthly cost? Getting key words ranked like "mortgages" is much more difficult/competitive than the key words "texas mortgage loans".

With all the new competition on the Internet, it becomes a constant battle to GET and KEEP high rankings. Remember the search engine algorithms are constantly changing, so it takes our company monthly monitoring and resubmitting new web pages each month to keep your company highly ranked in the search engines.

How To is composed of 10+ Internet professionals and it will take 3 or more of our HTML programmers approximately 3-4 weeks to develop your web site for the search engines. To cover our up-front programming labor, hosting charges/setup, and domain name purchases/set up, we have a one-time set up fee that is based on the degree of difficulty and work to be performed. This one-time setup fee is usually around $3,950.


Our company has a pay for performance guarantee as your company only pays for rankings in the top 30 search engine listings. Or for very difficult key words, we charge price-per-click (PPC). Very simply, if we don't achieve high rankings...your company does not pay. How To has a strong incentive to get and keep your corporate web site highly ranked.

For each client, we have a minimum 5 key word phrases to start with. To be more highly targeted, these key word phrases can also be several words in length (i.e. home loans in california, california mortgage loans, etc).

When you think of these key words phases, please also analyze carefully how you want customers to find your web site. Having properly selected key words is critical to ensure you receive highly targeted Internet traffic.


To start the process, please e-mail us at least 5 key word phrases. After we receive your key words, our programmers will then analyze the difficulty/competition to get your site highly ranked per your submitted key words.

With 48 hours, we will e-mail a comprehensive marketing proposal to your company. If this proposal is acceptable, we will then e-mail a month-to-month agreement detailing the entire scope of our Internet marketing partnership.

We look forward to having you as a client. Thank you.




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