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Well, you made it here... in search of any magic that can make your web page rank high in the search engines... Web search engine magic? Nope. 
Web search engine 'wu-wu'? Youbetcha!

Here is what I do for search engine optimization services. I provide an "overall tweaking" for your entire web site, I write the HTML source code the way the search engines want to read it. (Did you read "Why we are different?")

Most optimizing services will just tell you that they do the titles, tags etc. I take a comprehensive, intertwined approach to correlating written visible text with hidden HTML source code. I do NOT use any search engine "spamming" techniques for my "organic" web site optimizing techniques. ("Organic, like, aah, hey dude, like, um, like you mean, um, totally organic?" Yep... at least for this option. If you need industrial strength optimizing e-mail me.)

I work with you to identify key words and key word phrases unique to your internet service or product. Within your specific target market I expand your key words to encompass a broad realm of terms, highly descriptive of your service or product. I present various permutations of words likely to be searched by a potential visitor and weave these key phrases into your meta-tags, meta description, titles, alt-tags and visible content. This process provides a firm HTML source-code foundation for your specific product or service, across all search engines.


I tweak the HIDDEN source code including meta tags, meta description, alt-tags, meta title and HTML as necessary; and then deliver the new code in HTML format for you to cut and paste to your web page and then upload to your host site (or I can upload your optimized source code).

To make your pages even more productive, after I tweak, I instruct my clients on which visible text (the words on the page) needs to edited and EXACTLY what words to use. I show you which words to use to edit your VISIBLE TEXT and you make changes to the text based on my recommendations. (I can, at your option, edit your visible text on your behalf.)


I work in unison with you (or with your visual web designer) to help create a site consistent with your needs, with a functional structural layout that promotes the growth your business, in a competent and cost-effective manner. We will work with you, to take the vision of your business and hone it, targeting the visitors you wish to attract.

Description of Overall
Search Engine Optimization Services

  • Understanding the Competition

  • Pre-optimization analysis and current ranking analysis

  • Meta Tag Keyword Determination and Composition

  • Web Page Title Structure and Optimization

  • Image Description and Analysis

  • Meta Descriptions

  • Content Composition Review & Suggestion For Changes

  • Keyword Correlation

  • Site Integration

Search Engine Optimization Services: Detail

Understanding the Competition: We determine the degree of competition for your niche in terms of the number of web pages by search engine. This provides us with an understanding of how broad and how saturated your intended product or service is within each engine. Determining what we are up against -- 1,000 pages, 15,000 pages, 100,000 pages, 1.5M pages... It is not unusual to find hundreds of thousands, or even millions of web pages. It takes time, but isn't your web site worth it?

Pre Search Engine Optimization analysis: Pre-optimization review of content and current ranking analysis to ascertain existing ranked pages. It takes time, but isn't your web site worth it?

Meta Tag Keyword Determination and Composition: I work with each client to create an informative reference for search engine indexing, including constructing key words and imbedding the meta tags. Extensive client participation is required (this means you!).

I examine the top 50 ranked sites from each of the major engines for the key words AND I produce a list of the most commonly searched keywords and keyword phrases by potential visitors to your site.

Competitors -- I work with each client to create an informative reference for search engine indexing, including constructing keywords and imbedding the meta tags. Extensive client participation is required. Typically, clients supply an initial core of 10-15 key words and phrases they expect a potential visitor to type at a search engine. I examine the top 50 ranked sites from each of the major engines for the key words. I then submit a summary list of 1,000-5,000 (yes, that is 1,000 to 5,000 words) keywords found (including repeated high frequency words, which involves 50-400 unique words. I then work with our clients to rank the top 40 words, in order of importance and those of the words we optimize. It is a lot of work, but it is the foundation for the search engine optimization.

Users -- I examine the keywords supplied by my client against a search engine database of actual words searched for by typical web surfers and monitor the keywords they are typing into the search engines. This will give you an indication of how popular and how frequent a keyword is with regards to actual users, and greatly help the search engine optimization process.

I then work with our clients to rank the top 40 words, in order of importance and those of the words we optimize. It is a tremendous amount of work, but it is the foundation for the optimization.

Web Page Title Structure and Search Engine Optimization: Each title of your web page will be reviewed, edited, re-written and optimized for search engine indexing. It takes time, but isn't your site worth it?

Image Description and Analysis: I ascertain if your images are benefiting or detracting from your site and make specific alt-tag recommendations accordingly.

Meta Descriptions and Search Engine Optimization: I will review or create your meta descriptions and prepare for HTML inclusion.

Web Editing - Content Composition Review & Suggestion For Changes: Visible content and composition is reviewed and we verbally communicate or edit recommendations to optimize your content for search engine indexing. For this component of search engine optimization, you would responsible for integration into desired text. Because of the variance and complexity of written web pages, I recommend guidelines as to what content should be included. Content re-writing in available see below. Please note that I write content for human AND machine consumption...

Key Word Optimizing and Web Page Content Correlation: I present specific strategies for correlating key words across all components which are indexed by the search engines.

Web Site Integration: Review of all components for consistency and relevancy. I make sure congruency exists between all spidered components. It takes time, but isn't your site worth it?

Please note that the scope above, does not include visible page content writing, page layout and design, the actual correction of your HTML and its upload to your web provider, search engine submission or excessive phone consultation (you know who you are).


I have wrestled with how to price my service. First there is the degree of difficulty... it is much harder to get a top ranking for a word like "internet" versus a phrase like "the best web page optimizing service on the internet." And, as with most services, there are two main components: the expertise and the labor. My expertise has been honed over our past four years on the Internet; owning over 100 web sites myself; searching and searching and searching web sites; paid subscriptions to search engine optimization publications; participation in discussion groups; and designing and monitoring both my and client web pages. I have created a step by step process that allows me to analyze and recommend highly specific suggestions for each specific web site.

So, your investment in your web site... depends. I need to know your site URL, your keywords, analyze the competition, ascertain the degree of difficulty and then send you a price... Sorry, one size does not fit all... but isn't your site worth it? :)

Please note that unlike "advertising" which has a short life span, an optimized page, submitted to the search engines has a longer "shelf life."

All our pricing includes taking the HTML source code, editing the meta titles, meta keywords, heading codes, alt-tags and meta descriptions and delivering that back to you for you to upload to your web site. I
All fees are based on the TOTAL number of CONTENT web pages on your site, regardless of how many you decide to optimize (excludes form pages, picture only pages and similar non-searchable pages).


Please note that the scope above, does NOT include any of the following items in the optimization fee, but we CAN perform the following at your option:

internet marketing visible page content writing (we will provide detailed, helpful hints on how to edit the visible text)
internet marketing page layout and design editing, enhancement or correction
internet marketing search engine submission (unless prepaid optimization)
internet marketing the actual correction of your HTML (we provide the report for you to cut and paste)
internet marketing the upload of your corrected pages to your host web provider
internet marketing monitoring of your positions
internet marketing analysis of logs to decipher additional key words
internet marketing additional phone consultation
internet marketing monthly maintenance
and more...

Please note that at several stages of our optimizing effort, I require extensive customer interaction and input. I provide a final written report for meta tags, meta description, alt-tags, titles in HTML format; and we also provide an analysis for you on how to improve the content of your visible text, in conjunction with our written report.

I also provide search engine submission services and web site hosting

I look forward to being of service to you.

This web page, obviously, addresses the ‘content’ portion of the above equation. 




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