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Internet Marketing
Pricing Structure

We currently have a full stable of clients for our internet marketing services. We anticipate that we will not be accepting new web marketing projects for at least the next six months

Our internet marketing programs generate highly targeted customers seeking your product or service, on a performance basis.

Did You Know That... ?

Every second, there are 25 new web pages added to the net; that is 1,500 pages a minute from your competitors (NEC Research Institute). This means that every second of every day, it gets harder to get your site found.

There are just more and more web pages competing for your customers. With all the new competition on the Internet, it also becomes a constant battle to GET and KEEP high search engine and search directory rankings. The search engine algorithms are constantly changing, so it takes monthly monitoring and resubmitting new re-designed web pages each month to keep your company highly ranked. In other words, if you are not highly ranked... your customers won't be able to find your web site.

Our Internet Marketing Services Help Your Web Site Get Found.

 And as the Internet continues to grow, the number of loan applications our clients receive are anticipated to keep increasing. Our marketing services are specifically designed for medium to large sized mortgage companies that need a strong and profitable Internet presence.

Performance Based Internet Marketing.

When you elect to run an add in Time Magazine, your local newspaper, The Wall Street Journal or an industry trade magazine, you are buying space in their ability to deliver your message. The only problems are that if your client doesn't read that edition or your message may be buried in the back, out of the way page, and not easily found.

With our performance based internet marketing program, we ensure that your message (keywords) will be found at the top rankings of the major engines, or you don't pay...

Our services are similar to Bell Yellow Page ad's. You specify how long you want to be found at the top of the search engine, and we place your site in a top ranking position. And unlike the Yellow Pages, we guarantee you will be listed at top, or you don't pay... pretty simple.

Your Most Cost Effective Solution: Internet Marketing - 24 Hours A Day.

When you consider that a newspaper or magazine has a limited shelf life, often one day, and compare it to our internet marketing efforts which work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, you begin to see the cost effectiveness of our internet marketing plan.

Many of our clients simply equate their investment into our marketing services as a more cost effective solution than yellow pages, except for what a client might pay for a large yellow page ad in the their city, we can deliver the entire world.

The Internet Marketing Team

Our internet marketing team is composed of 15 Internet professionals and it will take three or more of our HTML programmers approximately 3-6 weeks to develop your web site for high search engine placement.

Our Pay For Performance Guarantee.

Our company has a pay for performance guarantee as your company only pays for rankings in the top 30 search engine listings. Very simply, if we don't achieve high rankings... your company does not pay.This provides our internet marketing team with a strong incentive to get and keep your corporate web site highly ranked.

For each client, we have a minimum 10 key word phrases to start with. To be more highly targeted, these key word phrases can also be several words in length (i.e. home loans in California, California mortgage loans, medical malpractice, online toys, etc).

When you think of these key words phases, please also analyze carefully how you want customers to find your web site. Having properly selected key words is critical to ensure you receive highly targeted Internet traffic.

Here is to your online marketing success.



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