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By Robert Farris, co-founder of

One of the most common e-mails I receive from mortgage clients is, "We’ve paid xx dollars to submit our web site to over 500 search engines. Our company really expected to start getting more Internet business, but it hasn’t."

Well, just because a web site is submitted to the search engines doesn't mean it is going to be ranked or even found. We all know the computer adage, "Garbage in, garbage out." If you have a poorly designed site for search engine relevancy, the only thing you are doing is ensuring you will be listed near the bottom of 500+ search engines. There is no magic in submitting your site to the engines; the magic is in the way your web site is structurally designed.

Just "showing up" on the Internet with your corporate web site doesn't translate to being successful. A productive Internet presence requires several key elements. If any are missing or deficient you will hear the familiar cry… "I built it, but they didn't come."
Before we continue, let's review how people actually find your mortgage web site…


Once an Internet design company has created your web site, your company needs a method to communicate what mortgage services you have to offer. This is where search engines come into play. Search engines are the yellow pages of the Internet (there are 8-10 major engines and 100’s of smaller engines). What makes search engines powerful is that Internet users can go to the search engine site, type in a few key words, and the search engine will produce a list of web pages that most closely match the keywords searched -- hopefully your web site. Internet statistics reveal that 86% of all their customers primarily find their site through the use of search engines (not banner ads or mortgage directories).

The great news is that the search engines are free to list your web site and they are free for the Internet viewers to use. The bad news is that there are now 100,000+ new web sites being submitted every month.

As you may conclude, achieving and retaining a highly ranked site is going to get more and more difficult as the Internet gets bigger and bigger; and it is going to become more valuable in having a top ranked site

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