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Mortgage Web Designers Are From Pluto,
Mortgage Customers Are From Earth.

My partner and I receive about 300-400 emails a day between us: inquiries, leads, customers, Spam and moderated newsgroup info.  One of the emails I received was from a PhD business school candidate with a barrage of questions regarding his thesis on financial e-commerce web sites and what ‘works’.  Two of the questions were interesting because they apply to all mortgage web sites:

#11. “What is the most important factor a successful financial company needs to know about designing web pages?”

And #37, the last question: “Can you tell me the coolest website you have designed?” 

What Do You Think?

First, “What is the most important factor a successful company needs to know about designing web pages?”

I ended up speaking with him and said that my answer would be biased towards the mortgage industry and would involve web sites that actually generate revenue. In essence, I stated that it is not what the designer thinks, it is not what the owner of the site thinks, it is what the customer thinks of the web site.  The biggest problem facing the online mortgage industry is that most web designers don’t know how to design for the needs of potential loan customers.

The PhD candidate then said, “Oh, you mean mortgage web designers are from Pluto, and mortgage customers are from Earth?”

I smiled and said that an owner can not give artistic latitude to a web designer just because a designer designs.  Web design companies don’t sell AND they do not know how to market.  A ‘pretty nice’ web site does not equal ‘pretty good’ revenues.  I then mentioned there are five types of designers… 

Poor, Average, Good, Great Or Exceptional?

A poor web designer makes a page to please themselves. An average web designer makes a page that pleases the client. A good web designer designs a web site that pleases the customers. A great web designer creates and constructs a web site that pleases BOTH customers and client.     

How Does An Exceptional Designer Design?

An exceptional mortgage web designer does more than just design, they understand the entire Internet experience, and they have a comprehensive approach. Their technique includes:

  • Understanding the mortgage client and when necessary, challenges the clients business model if it does not meet the needs of the customer.

  • Understanding the customer needs and wants and creates a site to mirror the information they are seeking.

  • Creating a ‘look and feel’ which conveys trust, professionalism, acceptance and presents the clients range of loans in the most favorable position.

  • Lovingly hand crafts the graphical elements and user interface for maximum usability.

  • Creates a clear, concise navigational system to allow customers to easily access the entire spectrum of the site.

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And exceptional web designers do one additional element very well...
Exceptional Designers Design With Words In Mind
Exceptional designers, not only create sites that are pleasing to owners and compelling to users, but they also create your site so they are optimized for the search engines and search directories.  Unless you are or Countrywide, spending hundreds or thousands of dollars per client and millions of dollars to advertise, you have to rely on search engines and directories to drive traffic to your site.

Exceptional designers also embed your keywords into the web pages…the keywords your mortgage customer will type into the search engines and directories so that your customers can flow to your mortgage site.

I know that this makes sense, but if you look at most mortgage sites, they do NOT have the keywords they want to offer to their clients. Or it they do have the keywords, the keywords are actually an image, not actual text, so they are virtually useless in getting your web site indexed by the search engines.

So the most cost-effective method to direct ‘targeted traffic’ to your web site is via top rankings in the search engines - especially using search engine optimization, ranking techniques and promotion methods incorporated into the design and text of your web site

An exceptional web designer, before they even design a ‘look’ for your web site, will first determine which key words you want to build their your mortgage web site around and then design your web page layout and graphics. In this way your web site will be…

More Than A Pretty Face
Subtle? Yes. Difference? HUGE! End result - a nice looking web page... that produces tremendous results. Designers may design, but exceptional designers create highly effective pages intended to market your web site and drive targeted traffic.
Oh, One More Thing... You Can Also Create Revenue.
It seems that with most sites on the net, revenue is a hopeful by-product. With proper web design, compelling written content, hard work, and great products/services; your revenue becomes the end product. You must design your mortgage web site so you can be of service to your earthbound clients and thus create revenue.
And question  #37.
The PhD candidate then said, “OK last question, can you tell me what the coolest mortgage website you designed?”

I had to pause for a moment, maybe he was a slow learner, but then said, “Hmm, we have done quite a few cool sites, but appearance is not the determining factor.  One of the coolest sites is one that produces as much as $100,000 per day in Internet generated loan commissions for an 40-person mortgage company.”
“I guess that is pretty cool web site design,” the PhD candidate concluded.

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