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Thank you for reading our free, copyrighted report discussing the factors to consider on how to improve your web sites relevancy for search engines.

Search Engine Secrets That Don't Work:
What Your Competitors Don't Want You To Know.
(Gosh, they don't even know this...)

You took the time to visit this page and, if your web site is important to you, I ask that you print this out, and take the time to read this, with out being rushed. What I am sharing with you is not a compilation of tidbits I have "lifted from others", but a summary of what I have done with my own web sites, mistakes I have made (yep, made a few), and successes I have found. Some of the ideas may benefit your site. Thank you.

Myth: All web pages have an equal chance at getting listed in the search engines. 
Fact: Just " showing up" on the Internet with your own web page, doesn't translate to being successful. A productive Internet presence requires several key elements. If any are missing or deficient you will find a web site owner stating…

  • "I built it, they didn't come;"
  • "What is wrong with my web site;" or
  • "That damn web designer!"

Search engines use algorithms to index pages. One search engine may rank your "content" at 70%, "title" at 20%, "meta tags" at 5% and "description" at 5%, while the next search engine may rank your "content" at 50%, "title" at 35%, "meta tags" at 0% and "description" at 15% of the ultimate "value" they will assign to your web site.

So if you have a poorly crafted title, i.e. "Welcome to my web page, How to Internet, by Rod Aries," you will score pretty low, because -- how many people (Mom? Mom, are you out there?) will be searching for any of the terms, "welcome," "my," "how," "Rod," etc?

People are surfing for generic descriptive terms, like "discount long distance" or "ink jet cartridge." Plus, for the most part, search engines ignore words like internet, web page, net, etc., because they are so common. The net effect, is I have not scored very well for the "title" portion of the weighted value. 

Please visit our web page for a more thorough discussion on "Optimizing Titles."

Myth: My web site looks awesome. It will get a great rating in the search engines.
Fact: You have built, or paid someone, to build your web site. Your page has snazzy colors, catchy titles, even a couple of very nice icons, but the number of visitors to your site isn't very high, and "sales" are even worse. "What is wrong?" you ask, and after thinking about it for a while, as you gaze (lovingly) at your beautiful site, you simply conclude, "The Internet really doesn't work." After all, you have a great site, why wouldn't people want to come?

Good analysis of problem -- determining there is something wrong, but you have reached an incorrect conclusion. You need to have access to a few secrets like…

There are two major design elements to 
every well-designed web page. 

What many people don't realize is that there are two essential designs to every properly functioning web page. First, the art and visual components, which is the work that everybody sees when they visit your site. And second, the web structure and underlying layout that supports your visual design, and more importantly, allows your Internet visitors to find you, via search engines. This structural component is not entirely visible, as much of it lies in the coding of your web sites language (HTML).

Your visual element is what makes your Internet presence unique, it is what conveys the image you are attempting to communicate to your current and future clients. You have spent a great deal of time, and money, creating the perfect site for your product or service; but probably haven't spent much time ensuring your web page is found. Here is an important tip: every visual web design requires strong structural design features. OR, more succinctly put…

You don't want to build a Corvette 
and then place it on a Yugo body.

The Fact is, that search engines don't care what your site looks like, they only care about the HTML structure and content. You can have an awful looking site that ranks in the top 10 while the coolest, slickest, most professional site ever, will never escape the bowels of the internet due to a poor HTML structure. For more information please see our FREE report on Optimizing Titles.

 Fact: 12 of the top 20 keywords searched deal with "s*x."

Myth: Using a "s*x-related" word in your keywords will be good for your site, because you will get more visitors.
Fact: I have newer reports available, but I like the following from a May 1996 article from Wired Magazine, which listed the top ten requested search terms:

1. s*x
2. n*de
3. pictures
4. ad*lt
5. women
6. > software < (it is nice to know that the internet is useful)
7. er*tic
8. er*tica
9. g*y
10. n*ked

(on the most current list of top searched words that I have, did you know one of the most searched words is actually a typo and ranks 18th!!??!! Yep, a typo!)

Some people advocate using these "s*x-words" in your site will improve your ranking. Internet users will be "fooled" into visiting your site, and you may get extra "sales" from this heavy traffic. Here are a couple of problems with that belief:

Some search engines determine that you are "spamming" when the meta tags don't match (anyone for Pamela Lee Anderson?) with the words contained in the body of your text. Furthermore, spamming a search engine can get you removed from all listings.

Also, if you have these words at your site, and the best customer in the world for your product is searching from their home, and have a safe surfing program installed because of kids, that best customer in the world may not be able to get to a site with the above words. Net effect, they don't visit you. (notice the * usage above)

Another problem is that your idea to get extra traffic could result in extra fees. Some ISP’s charge by the amount of traffic that visits your site. Do you really want to pay for 1,000 MB worth of visits when you are limited to 100 MB by your provider? 

Myth: Visitors always enter through my front door, my main page.
Fact: Search engines visit the web page you submit in typically, 2-20 days. Then roughly 2-3 weeks after they "index" your submitted page, the search engine then returns and "spiders" your entire site. It is possible, that you have a page within your site that is exactly what they are looking for (i. e., international rates on a long distance web site). The visitor will miss all of your main page wu-wu graphics and, quite possibly, all of your important information: name, address, phone number, e-mail, etc. The moral of the story, put all of your important information on every page! (see the bottom of this page for how I do it)

Myth: It costs too much to get a domain name and create an internet presence. 
Fact: It costs too much not to have an internet presence. You are going to feel pretty stupid when a 12 year old kid, or worse yet, your competitor, takes the perfect name you thought up. Hey, it is just $70 for the first two years of registration, plus the cost to register it. If your business isn't worth $70, well... Enough said.

Myth: Domain names are going fast (nope… they are going really fast!!! So much for "Enough said. ")
Fact: About two months ago, domain names were going at 100,000 a month. I just read an article stating that domain names are being consumed at the 120,000 per month rate now. (Oops, it was 170,000 in April) If you have one of those free sites with second tier or worse domain levels, i. e., et al and you think you want to earn money with your site, get a domain TODAY and register it -- NOW! NOW! NOW! (This means you!)

We can do that for you, unless you already have your IP address for your web hosting service, then you can either do it yourself, or pay your ISP or someone else to do it for you. Registration services typically run $20-$100. We charge $25 if you already have your name and have verified it is available. Or if you give us your desired key words, we will do the permutations, produce a list of available names and register your domain for $35. Either way, we show you where you can get top tier domain hosting for free.

Register your domain name NOW! If not through me, through someone, but NOW!!

Myth: My site looks great on my screen, so it will on everyone else's. (It's like the Chrysler executive's who said, "There is nothing wrong with our cars, I drive them, and they run perfect." And then you find out they have the company mechanic tweaking it weekly.) 
Fact: There are still a number of users with 14.4 modems, 14 inch (and smaller, if you can believe that) screens, Netscape 1.0 or 2.0 etc., cruising the web. Your beefed up site with a 42K gif (un-optimized for alt text) is going to cause a little hardship on many a surfers viewing pleasure. View your site with the different browsers to make sure it works. Watch out for Java add-on's that can crash some systems.

Myth: I paid someone to submit my site to 500 search engines, I will really start getting visits now.
Fact: Nope. (Well, you will get visits from all the search engine spiders coming to index your page).  There is no magic in the submission to the engines, the magic in the way your page is structurally designed.

Allow me to state the obvious first...

  1. The major search engines will generally account for 80-90% of your traffic, for an unknown site.
  2. We all know the computer adage, "Garbage in, garbage out." Whether you submit manually, use a service or use automated software, if your site isn't optimized for the search engines, you are wasting time and/or money. Make sure your title is optimized, highly concentrated using keywords and key phrases. The same goes for your content, image tags, description and meta tags. If you haven't optimized your site for search engine relevancy, the only thing you are doing is insuring you will be listed near the bottom of 500 search engines.
  3. Make sure there is content, content, content on your page. "Wu-wu" graphics don't rate as high with a search engine spider as with a human. If you register a poorly written, low keyword usage site, then you will get poor results; if you provide minimal information (content), you get minimal ranking...

A quick checklist for meta-tags and titles (the content list is much longer), before you register and submit to the engines...

internet marketing
core key words for each page
internet marketing specific key words for specific pages
internet marketing use comma's, no spaces after comma's
internet marketing correlate key words and key phrases to content on your site
internet marketing if you have typo's, make sure they are thinko's (i.e. have entrepreneur and entreprneur and enterpreneur), not typo's
internet marketing most important word first, derivations, permutations as well, later
internet marketing extra space available?? try CAP's on a few words

internet marketing
core key words for each title-no fluff
internet marketing correlate key words and key phrases in title to content on your site
internet marketing most important word first, derivations, permutations as well, later
internet marketing make it interesting, descriptive and optimized in one swoop...

(and now a word from one of our sponsors...)

I looked at a half dozen software programs and about 60-70 search engine submission services, as well as manually submitting hundreds of pages, before I decided on this one, Submit Wolf. This offered the easiest graphical interface and keeps a log of each search engine and when you submitted your last entry. It also has a place for you to load your keywords, description, title, name, et al that saves you having to do it over and over. I liked it so much, that I now make it available to others. There is a reseller package available, as with almost all the search engine software submission programs, but it is not enough to make you select this program over others -- it is just a good program.

The following material is contained in their web page: Submit Wolf is a professional Web Page Promotion Robot, with a database of over 500 Internet engines, and 250 fully automated submission scripts. Fully programmable, you can edit, and/or add your own engines.

Additionally, the top 10 search engines will account up to 90% of your traffic anyway, the other visits are nice, but unless you use automated software, such as Submit Wolf,

There is a FREE download of a demo version!! Try it.

Lastly, if you have just a single site, just submit manually, unless you submit often.

Myth: Just register the main ( page and you will be listed in all the engines-fast! 
Fact: Nope. Remember, search engines visit the web page you submit in typically, 2-20 days. Then roughly 2-3 weeks after they "index" your submitted page, the search engine then returns and "spiders" your entire site. 

The search engines don't really like this, but register your key pages, not just your main page. Again a program such as Submit Wolf, can do this for you, keep track of your meta tags, titles and when you last registered your site.

Myth: Search engines are the best way to find info on the internet.
Fact: Sort of, but Yahoo is technically not a search engine, and I use one of the meta programs that searches 8 search engines at once. The reason to use this program, is that if you are HotBot fan, and the perfect web page for what you are searching for is registered with Alta Vista and Lycos, you won't find it at HotBot, but you will by using a meta-search program, rather than just a search engine.

Myth: You can fool the search engines by submitting multiple pages of the same page content, as well as use other sly tricks.
Fact: Well, that used to be true. Many of the search engines now have implemented penalties, i. e., BANNED from their engine, for "spamming" them. We won't perform silly tricks or Spam techniques such as:

Keyword Stuffing: Many people think if they have a web design site, and to put the term "web design" into the site once is great, then loading "web design" 30 times is even better, including all its permutations such as "WEB DESIGN." It is sorta' like eating chocolate, a candy bar or two tastes good and is OK, (I like Cadbury's myself) but try eating 25 candy bars. Well, it is the same thing when a search engine comes to spider your site. A few key words are great, a whole lot of keywords will cause it to vomit on your site and have you removed.

Bait and Switch: Some people create a highly keyword loaded site, submit it, and then after the site is spidered put up an entirely different web page.

Hidden text: White text on white background to provide higher saturated content, without being visible to the human viewer.

(I know, I know, you are saying, "He doesn't know what he is talking about. I have black text on black background and I have a great rating." Well, a couple of things, if I come across a competitor, who is listed higher than my site, using this or another "spamming" technique, I can sometimes have that page removed in less than an hour. Also, when the search engine comes to visit your site and finds the "illegal" technique, they MAY de-list you anyway.)

Loaded S*X words: discussed above.

Meta re-directs: A meta redirect is the optimization of a web site, which is then submitted, and contains a "re-direct" feature which will automatically move your visitor from the submitted site to the page you want them to visit. This formerly worked great (and still does on a few engines), but some engines now penalize for this technique.

Keyword Loading: also called meta jacking, used to work, doesn't now. An example might be,
content="web design, w*b desi*n, we* desig*, *eb *esign, we* de*ign, we* *esign, W*B DES*GN, *EB *ESIGN, W** D*SIGN">

If you do it and are caught, on some engines, you will be removed.

Myth: My site is ranked in the top 20. It will always be there.
Fact: Your ranking will ebb and flow, sometimes on a daily basis. If you are not monitoring your web ranking, you are probably dropping, especially when you consider there are services like mine that help improve rankings and that over 170,000 new domains are registered every month just to compete with you.

Myth: I have a counter on my site, so that I can tell how many visits I have. 
Fact: We advise against counters! First if you are doing great, or appear to by setting the counter at 10,000 to start, instead of 0; your competitors will know and attempt to circumvent your success. And if you are doing awful, counter showing less than a 5,000 visitors, your customers will wonder what they are doing at such a poorly performing site.

Use web logs for your statistics. You, and only you, will not only see how many people visited you, but from where, when, what time, how many pages they visited and in what order, what page they entered on and what page they left on, and much, much more, including my very favorite -- what EXACT search they did on EACH search engine to find you. You can see where you ranked whether they searched, terms such as "Key boards," or "computer keyboard," or "104 KEYBOARD," and see where you are for each permutation, tweak your site and improve your ranking.

Myth: Most sites aren't successful, the 'net is just a bunch a hype.
Fact: Well, most sites are probably - currently - not successful, but could be; with a little work.

Hey, are you like me?

A little background... I have been on the net since '94, tried many ways to make it work for me; done lots of mass mailing (Yeah, I know, I am a reformed bulk e-mailer - but I was never prolific. Who better to tell you what not to do, than somebody who has done it?), classified ads, and advertising in 'newsletters,' had a web site since July 97. I have two networked Pentium, each with two 33.6 modems and one has an additional cable modem (pretty geeky). I have had as may as 6 ISP's at once. I have four now. I view many sites every day. I get a 200+++ e-mails a day...

My web site, started like most do, SLOWLY. I had about 200 unique page views (not hits, not visitors, unique page views) by November (most of them me, to see if my site was there), then I had 1,000 visits in December, 5,000 in January, 15,000+ in February, and by March it was 25,000 visitors. How did I do it? By doing every thing I address in this report (and a few more items...).

Now, I know for some sites, this isn't a lot of visitors, but an extra 100,000+++ visitors per year to my site is nice. AND I no longer cold call!!

Another word from our sponsor...

After 5 months, I now have over half of my 25,000 unique page views at my first site -- I have 7 domains, ( coming in through the "back door" and not through my main page. 

I have accomplished this through tweaking my site, and using my logs to add additional pages based on the exact search words phrases used by individuals, for each search engine. Doing this I added about 2-3,000 page views per month on one page that I added based on specific search sequences, alone.

I have added AS MANY visits to my site by studying my logs, as with all my tweaking with meta tags et al... 

Again, my logs will tell me which search engine (Infoseek, Yahoo etc.) people accessed AND what exact words they used (Long distance or LONG DISTANCE or L. D.) AND where I ranked in that specific search.

We can help you with log installation and analysis. The log program we use runs up to $19 a month, they are examining a "lite package" and possibly a low cost or no cost demo period. Would you pay up to $19 a month for a classified ad in newspaper? Is up to $19 a month, worth potentially several thousand, or more, EXTRA visits per month?

Myth: I don't have the money to spend on my web site.
Fact: Well, first, it really isn't a cost. It is an investment in the
marketing of your site. It is an investment that will help catapult your page, ahead of where it currently is located, or would have been located if it is a new, un-optimized site.

Many people choose to view our "optimization" price as a method to generate a far greater number of leads and prospects to their site, than they would be able to generate in its current condition. How much is an additional 100 visitors a month (1,200 visitors a year) worth? How much is an additional 1,000 visitors a month (12,000 visitors a year) worth? How much is an additional 5,000 visitors a month (60,000 visitors a year) worth? What would that cost to generate this much business via radio, newspaper or other traditional real world marketing mechanisms? 

How much revenue would these few extra visits generate for you in dollars?

Here is a fact for you: If you aren't making money on the internet, it is because either you aren't using it correctly or you have the wrong product or service, or both.  It is that simple.


You have to structure your web page to make it come up as close to the top of as many search engines as possible. We can do that, at least help you leap frog many of your competitors. USING MANUAL TECHNIQUES, no one can guarantee a first listing, or even a first page listing, but we can tweak, enhance and design a page that will squeeze every bit of capability out of your page, to help it live up to its potential. (We have automated techniques, that are expensive and can catapult you into top listings...)

Contact us to see how we can help create or enhance your internet presence.


We offer a wide range of Internet design, creation and management services from:

  • Internet Presence Creation (How much for that page in the (browser) window?)
  • Design Composition and Optimization
  • (Please note that our web site, is sorta' like the cobblers children, who have no shoes... we have been so busy on projects, we have struggled to get all of our content up-loaded.)
  • Structural Architecture Composition and Optimization
  • Content Composition and Optimization
  • Meta Tag Keyword Composition and Optimization
  • Web Page Title Composition and Optimization
  • Image Description Composition and Optimization
  • Meta Descriptions Composition and Optimization
  • Keyword and Content Correlation (tying it all together with a bow)


Now, how much does it cost to have a web page presence designed? Well, it is sorta' like asking how much is it for a car? Are we talking a 68 Plymouth, a 94 Camaro, a 98 Lexus? Do you want an AM radio or CD player, vinyl or leather seats, air bags with that? Obviously, the price can vary, depending on what you want and need. Please direct me to a few sites that have a layout and structure similar to what you envision and then I can prepare pricing - thanks.

(HELP! I've fallen and I can't get up.)

  • Meta Tag Keyword Determination and Composition We work with each client to create an informative reference for search engine indexing, including constructing keywords and imbedding the meta tags. In HTML language. Extensive client participation may be required.

  • Web Page Title Structure and Optimization Each title of a web page will be reviewed and optimized for optimal search engine indexing.

  • Image Description and Analysis We determine if your images are benefiting or detracting from your site and make specific recommendations accordingly.

  • Meta Descriptions We will review or create your meta descriptions and prepare for HTML imbedding.

  • Keyword Correlation We present strategies for correlating keywords across all components which are indexed by the search engines. Client responsible for integration into desired text.

  • Content Analysis

  • Site Integration Review of all components for consistency and relevancy.

  • Content Composition and Review Visible content and composition is reviewed and we verbally communicate or edit recommendations to optimize your content for search engine indexing. Client responsible for integration into desired text.

(Driving traffic to your site -- Head 'em up, move 'em out.)

  • Search Engine Submission
  • Strategy on Marketing
  • Click through link Efficiencies


  • Competitor Analysis
  • Niche Formulation
  • Product/Service Planning and Strategy
  • Log Implementation and Analysis


Once your page is completed, you will need to submit it to the Search Engines.

Search Engine Submission to Major Engines. A critical component of our service includes presenting your new web site to all the major Web search engines and directories, including: AltaVista, WebCrawler, Lycos,  Excite, and HotBot. (Yahoo is available for an extra fee of $25. Yahoo accepts only about of 1/3rd of all submissions.) $25 base fee per unique address

Search Engine Submission to Additional Engines. Although the major engines will account for most of your visits, we will also submit via automated software, your site to another 50+ engines.
$25 base fee+ $10 per unique address

Search Engine Submission for Additional Web Pages. To further promote your site, we submit additional key pages to both major and additional search engines. After the $35 base fee, $15 per unique additional address.


Domain name registration -- $25 if you know the name you want and if you have verified it is available, plus Internic fees $35 per year, paid 2 years in advance ($70)

Domain name registration -- $35 if you know the name you want and if you are not sure it is available -- we do the search for you-- plus Internic fees $35 per year, paid 2 years in advance ($70)

If you are interested in learning more about how to improve your web site, please contact me at 877-944-6100 (hey, that is a toll free number - call now).

Whew, well you made it to the end.  Hey, this is only the introductory part, wait till we get to the details!

© copyright 1998-2001 (One of my clients showed me an easy way to check for copyright infringements -- it works every time!)
By the way, we are looking to affiliate with competent, fun, talented, creative, honest, (well, you get the idea) individuals who may want to work with us. If you think we could some how, some way make a good match, or gosh -- even good friends, e-mail me and we can discuss this option. Thanks!


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