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Web Page Design - How We Are Different...

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What is the secret to designing a successful mortgage web site? What is the difference between a poor, average, good, great and exceptional web designer? It is at the end of this web page.

What Does 'WWW' Really Mean?

Wait. Stop. Do not go to the end of this web page until you pass this simple test. What does 'www' stand for? World wide web? (Ha, maybe in the early 90's) Wild, wild west? (possibly) Read on to see what it stands for now and how we apply this Internet knowledge...

"What We Want"

WWW means 'what we want'. We know, we know, this is a page about design, and so what are we doing talking about 'www'? Well, you are producing your web design for your customers, so you better give them what they want, or they will get what they want from one of your competitors. Please allow us to elaborate on this Internet marketing subtlety and why it is the most important part of your web page design.

A Pretty Face?

This is how most web page designers design a web site: 
You tell them what you want, show them your logo, tell them your corporate colors, and the web page designer brings back a few nifty graphic layouts. Your spouse gets involved, your secretary, the VP of Marketing, and finally the Chairman of the Board, and you pick a design. Then you build your page. End result - a cute web page...


How To Frustrate 
Your Visitors
(It's easy...)

Difficult navigation - 87%
Slow downloading - 84% 
Can’t find info - 73% 
Too many clicks - 68% 
Confusing - 61% 
Boring content - 56% 
Needs plug-ins - 37%
Source: NetSmart




Percentage Of Visitors 
Finding Web Sites 
Via Search Engines

ActiveMedia 66%
CommerceNet 71% 
eStats 75%
GVU 87%


Before we go any further, let's take a moment and examine "What We Want" and think about how your targeted customers find your web site.

Your customers find you via WORDS. Words they type desperately seeking the information they want, not your sales pitch or your pretty graphics. 

Read about how important WORDS are...

Two Essential Elements To Every Well Designed Web Site

What many people don't realize is that there are two essential design features to every properly functioning web page. 

  • First, the art and visual components, which is the work that everybody sees when they visit your site. 

  • And second, the web structure and underlying layout that supports your visual design (HTML), and more importantly, allows your Internet visitors to find you, via search engines. 

This structural component is not entirely visible, as much of it lies in the coding of your web site's language (HTML). Your visual element is what makes your Internet presence unique, it is what conveys the image you are attempting to communicate to your current and future clients; it is what makes your site 'pretty'.

You have spent a great deal of time, and money, and effort, creating the perfect site for your product or service; but you probably haven't spent much time ensuring your web page is found. Here is an important tip: every visual web design requires strong structural design features. OR, more succinctly put… 

You don't want to build a Corvette and then give it a Yugo engine.

If you hold your company out as - 'The wondrous world leader in proven Internet marketing techniques and top ranking online strategies for the next millennium.' Ask yourself, "How many people will search for that phrase? Nope, none, no way... they type 'search engine optimization' or 'internet marketing' or 'targeted traffic' or 'web promotion' or 'top 10 rankings'.  

Your target customers type what they want to find; your customers type the keywords that describe what they want. You better have the specific search phrases on your web site, because that is how the search engines and each search directory ranks you - based upon the keywords on your web page. Your potential Internet visitors do not type your marketing phrase. You can use your corporate byline, but don't expect to be found on it.

An Important Aside... 

Please note that search engines and directories are absolute in their analysis. If your web page is called “INTERNET MARKETING” and every where on your page you refer to ‘internet marketing for business’ or ‘the internet marketing experts’ or 'internet marketing consultants," AND if your potential customer searches for ‘online marketing,’ well, internet marketing is not online marketing.  You will not be found by your potential customer because they are seeking ‘online marketing,’ not ‘internet marketing’. 

The Lesson Here? 

Use the keywords that your customers want. And if you have those same keywords on your web site, in your meta tags, title, meta description, alt tags and throughout your visible text, only then do you even have a chance at being found in a top ten or top 20 ranking.

Poor, Average, Good, Great Or Exceptional?

A poor web designer makes a page to please themselves... An average web designer makes a page that pleases the client... A good web designer designs a web site that pleases the customers... A great web designer creates constructs a web site that pleases both customers and client... 

Here Is How An Exceptional Designer Designs

  • An exceptional web designer does more than just design, they understand the entire internet experience:

  • Understands the client, and, when necessary, challenges the clients business model.

  • Understands the customer needs and wants and creates a site to mirror their desire.

  • Creates a look and feel which conveys trust, professionalism, acceptance and presents the clients product or service in the most favorable position.

  • Lovingly hand crafts the graphical elements and user interface for maximum usability.

  • Creates a clear, concise navigational system to allow customers to easily access the entire spectrum of the site.

And exceptional web designers do one additional element very well...

The Secret: Here Is How We Build Web Sites For Customers

We also create our site so they are optimized for the search engines and search directories. We use the keywords your customers type into the search portals so that your customers can flow to your site. 

Gosh, I know that this makes sense... but if you look at most sites, they do not have the keywords they are want to offer to their clients. So, the most cost-effective method to direct targeted traffic to your web site, is via top rankings in the search engines and search directories - especially using our search engine optimization, ranking techniques and promotion methods.

Oh, did I mention that most of our clients end up with hundreds - yep, 100's - of top search engine rankings for their keywords?

So, we first work with corporate clients to determine which key words we will build their business web site around, and only after we tweak and sculpture and test the HTML do we then design the web page layout and graphics... 

More Than A Pretty Face

Subtle? Yes. Difference? HUGE! End result - a nice looking web page... that produces tremendous results. Designers may design, but we create highly effective pages intended to market your web site and drive targeted traffic.

Oh, One More Thing... We Also Create Revenue.

It seems that with most sites on the net, revenue is a hopeful by-product. With our work, revenue is the product. We design our sites so our business clients can be of service to their clients, and thus, create revenue.

How To Get What You Want...

Hey, that is what we do. We create exceptional web sites which outperform typical web designers with our proven internet strategy. We make our clients' web sites get ranked in the search engines and search directories for the keywords important to our business customers. 
Isn't that 'what you want'? Give us a call :) 

Web Design Pricing.

If you want a site that will produce revenue for you, we do that. Typical web design projects start around $10,000 - $15,000 for a clean, informative web site that actually works. Many higher end web design engagements range from $50,000 - $150,000.




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