internet marketing versus  Which domain name is easier to explain?
Hyphens cause you to have to explain your name, and one more place for a potential visitor to make an error. If you have to explain it, you have lost your effectiveness. Make is easy for customers to find your web site.


Try to leave out abbreviations if possible. If your company is California Home Loan, make sure you get the complete spelling. If you have just, you are just making it more difficult for customers to find you. This is even more important if you want past customers to refer people to your web site. Can you imagine some customer telling a friend your mortgage web site is or instead of

Which domain name is your customer going to better remember? If your customer can't remember, they won't be able to refer your mortgage services. Another lost customer worth thousands of dollars.

We had a corporate client that was thinking of registering a perfect domain name for his company. We advised him to register that name immediately. Unfortunately, he did not take our advice.  Two days later another company registered the same name.  The old saying goes, “you snooze, you lose”. This is especially important on the Internet.  A time line of 6 months on the net is like 2 years in the real world.

Technology and marketing promotion on the Internet is constantly changing.  You need every Internet promotion technique in your favor to help drive more business to your web site.  Stake the odds in your favor by registering a good sounding and well-remembered domain name. And, three years from now when 25% of all mortgages will be transacted over the Internet, your company will be well positioned in having a strong Internet presence. 

Remember -- domains are going fast… in the five minutes it took you to read this article, over 20 domain names were registered ... some by your competitors.

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